Sterile Magic Mushroom substrate for p. Cubensis Small




Mushroom Substrate Kit Small | Sterile Substrate for mushroom cultivation

The mushroom sterilised substrate can be thought as soil for a plant. The substrate contains no spores or mycelium. This sterilised substrate can be inoculated with spores directly, but better use a liquid culture (with grown spores) to inoculate.
Mushroom Substrate Kit contains

Container with 280 cc / ml sterile substrate mix
Injection port
Fruiting Bag with Filter
Alcohol swap
Liquid Culture (no spores or mycelium in it)

Substrate Contains:

Sterilised substrate with a moisture content: 60-65%. A mixture of whole oat, vermiculite, perlite and Gypsum.
Recommeded products to use

Liquid Culture
Spore syringe
Spore Vial
Face mask
Desinfectant handgel


Always store your substrate kit in a clean refrigerator ! We recommend to use the substrate kit as soon as possible. The kit can be kept under refrigerated conditions for up to 6 weeks.


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