Mushroom Herbal ‘Coffee’ Chaga Ashwagandha – Butterscotch Cream




Product Description

Chicory and mushroom coffee alternative
Decadent butterscotch cream flavor
Caffeine free and acid free
Medium roast, all-purpose grind

Looking for a new way to feel energized? Try Teeccino Mushroom Herbal ‘Coffee’ Chaga Ashwagandha. This richly flavored medium-roast coffee alternative features adaptogens chaga mushroom and ashwagandha. Chaga is an Asian mushroom with a long history of traditional use to support immune health and overall wellbeing. Ayurvedic herbalists love ashwagandha for its ability to help the body manage stress, increase energy, improve concentration and aid cognitive function. Get an energy boost without the caffeine or acid of coffee, plus antioxidants and prebiotic inulin from chicory, all in a decadent butterscotch cream flavor.


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