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Years of planning and testing has resulted in the next generation of Mondo® Mexican Magic Mushroom grow kits. Buy Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Mexican. The Mondo® Grow Kit Mexican has become better than it ever was. Compared to the first generation of Psilocybe cubensis Mondo® Mexican Grow Kit, the next generation is improved with:

Larger yields, more mushrooms
More flushes*
Better resistance against contaminations
Different, but easier instructions

*some strains produce more flushes than others. The first three flushes are the largest.

Meet the new standard of easy grow kits

The Psilocybe cubensis Mondo® Mexican Magic Mushroom grow kit is slightly different than the grow kits you might have used before. This is seen only in the substrate recipe and is a secret not just shared with everyone. Not even with us!

Just like the previous and other easy grow kits, you do not need to use additional spores. During the laboratory process, the spores have developed into mycelium inside the substrate (the cake) in the grow box. The mycelium has fully colonized the substrate and is ready to grow mushrooms.

How to store the grow kit correctly

It is recommended to start the cultivation process right away. If you decide to start growing later, you may store the grow kit in the refrigerator (2°C to 8°C) for 2 weeks. First, wrap the grow kit in a plastic shopping bag and close it well.


1x grow box – This contains substrate with active mycelium (the cake)
1x grow bag – The bag has a micron filter to keep contaminants out
1x paperclip – For closing the grow bag.


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