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Golden Teacher gets its name from the magnificent golden colored mushroom caps and its profound lessons. In the correct conditions, Golden Teachers mushrooms can grow to be quite large.
Growing Golden Teachers Mushrooms

Golden Teacher mushroom is one of the most easy P. cubensis strains to grow, as it will fruit profusely on practically any substrate and in less-than-ideal conditions. It’s an excellent choice for new growers. The sole disadvantage is that this strain takes longer to fruit than others[iv]. Colonization takes roughly two weeks, but it’s advisable to give yourself an extra week after colonization appears to be complete, just in case.

Golden Teachers, like other P. cubensis strains, can be grown using almost any method, but it must be done correctly; growers who play with hybrid teks without having the experience to lead them typically end up with bad results.

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Golden Teacher Mushroom Effects

Golden Teacher has an average potency among P. cubensis strains[i], and excursions are typically shorter than normal, lasting two to four hours[ii]—a benefit for newcomers who aren’t sure if they’ll enjoy the experience. Users describe the experience as quiet and pleasant, with just minor sights but a significant physical component.

The amount of mushroom the user should take is determined by the type of experience desired (mild, moderate, intense, or microdose), the person’s weight, and whether the mushroom is fresh or dried. It’s feasible to determine an approximated dose[ii] for P. cubensis use, and given Golden Teacher’s mild potency, that dose should be close to correct. However, people and mushrooms are both unique, so results may vary.

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